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Soap box: After paper Mario: The origami king, I want more comedy on switch, please

Paper Mario Origami King© Nintendo

To be honest, I got out Paper Mario: The Origami King faster than I had hoped. But while I may not remember the last checkpoint I reached during my second playthrough, or exactly who was with me, me do Remember how much the game made me laugh. In the end, it was the lackluster combat system that kept me from doing it really I love the game, but the top notch comedy got me through at least until the end of the story.

It all started in the early game. As soon as I saw a folded Bowser struggling to follow Mario up the stairs and as soon as I heard him say, “Hey, take it easy! I̵

7;m walking my face here! ‘I was in stitches. And in the rest of Origami King, there were always funny moments. Whether it was Mario’s enchanting animations or the razor-sharp sayings that the NPCs came out with, this was a game with perhaps the best gag-rate I’ve ever experienced.

And since 2020 is the year it was, we can all agree that a good laugh was badly needed.

King of Comedy

But why exactly is the humor in Origami King so successful? The way I see it, there are two different types of humor being shown: visual slapstick and dialogue jokes. Slapstick humor is defined as a type of physical comedy that involves absurd situations and exaggerated movements. To take another example from the early game, Mario is thrown from Peach’s Castle to land upside down in the canopy of a pine tree. His little boots swing wildly in the air. Of course, it’s a fight to escape and we all giggle until he lands safely on the forest floor and adjusts his cap like nothing happened. This is classic slapstick humor and just one of many such moments that are beautifully executed during the game.

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While the slapstick humor in Origami King is undoubtedly excellent, I would argue that the dialogue is even funnier. In fact, the lines that NPCs come out with are my favorite moments in the game. Mario’s time with each character is sometimes short, but always unforgettable. Exchanges like Bob-Omb explain his illness with, ‘You know this memory loss thing? What is it called … Ambrosia? Amnesty? Thinky Thinky Panic? ‘Come on thick and quick and sometimes let me turn off the controller because I was in fits of laughter.

What’s even more impressive is that Origami King is an extremely accessible game, and the jokes written are designed to be consistently funny regardless of the age of the player. The writing is really fantastic and the flow of gags never stops, although the video game medium cannot rely on improvised humor, such as TV or stand-up comedy.

House of fun

Are there any other Nintendo franchises as fun as Paper Mario? When I think of Nintendo Switch and its first-party titles, Luigi’s Mansion 3 may be the only other game that made me laugh all the time. Luigi’s villa 3 mainly uses slapstick animation to create humor. Title character Luigi isn’t like most of the heroes you see. With the ever-present fear of something scary, he’s the least likely member of Mario’s gang to be the hero in a scary ghost story. Seeing Luigi panic every time he comes across a ghoul is what makes the game so fun. Since I’m the guy who’s scared of everything, I can relate to it. All in all, Luigi’s Mansion 3 didn’t make me laugh as much as Origami King did with less productive dialogue and written jokes.

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Of course, there are other Nintendo Switch games that could be classified as comedies. The South Park Games are very fun, but to really enjoy them you probably have to see and love the show. I’m just immersed in the cartoon and the humor is a little too stark for my liking at times. There are also a few indie experiences that make for a good laugh, such as: Untitled geese game. Playing as the mischievous goose and terrorizing a village and its peaceful residents is an experience every Switch owner should have, but the game is pretty short really and I wanted more.

Can you make a joke

Is there room for more AAA first-party Nintendo comedies, even though there is experience with third-party and indie comedies? As you might have guessed, I think there is! I suppose Nintendo could either revive old comedy-centric franchises or develop new ones. When it comes to old franchises, the first thing that comes to mind is Kid Icarus: Riot.

The last edition of Kid Icarus came in 2012 for the 3DS. Pit and Lady Palutena’s priceless joke features some of the best video game dialogue ever. In fact, the game was full of laugh-only moments to end the intense fighting and fast-paced gameplay. Deer crossing is another Nintendo staple that just begs for a syringe of laughter. in the New Horizons The pool of nearly 400 villagers only grew by 8 and no new personality types were added at all. What if Nintendo added a comedian personality type? With so much dialogue going on in the game, a group of villagers devoted solely to making the player laugh would be a welcome addition.

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What about a potential Wario and Waluigi game when Nintendo develops new comedy franchises? These pantomime villains are ripe for their own comedy adventure, perhaps with the two who reluctantly team up to rescue Mario and Luigi at the behest of a Princess Peach whom they apparently can’t say no to. But there are other famous Nintendo characters that seem leaning towards comedy. What about Donkey Kong Playing with the focus on giggling instead of platform? Wouldn’t that be a barrel full of laughs? (We are sorry.)

Do you know of any other fun games available on the Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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