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Some "Amazon Choice" sellers bribe customers for positive reviews

If you've already shopped at Amazon, there's a good chance that you've found multiple sellers and articles labeled as "Amazon Choice." Basically, these labels are intended to identify products that are recommended by Amazon, as they have a high rating and are relatively cheap.

However, according to a report by BuzzFeed News, some Amazon Choice sellers apparently found bribery of customers with gift cards and giveaways in exchange for positive reviews. In one case, a customer bought a waterproof case for his Samsung smartphone, which had over 1

00 positive reviews and was rated as an Amazon Choice product.

When the customer received the purchase, he found that it was a horrible product that definitely was not. He lives up to the many positive reviews, but he knew why he received the said reviews. In the case's box, the customer found a card with instructions for redeeming a $ 19 gift card, which was exchanged for a positive rating.

In another example, a customer bought a few side dishes that included a sticker on the cap that offered free refills. When requesting free refills, the customer was asked to provide evidence that he had submitted a positive review. In the meantime, Amazon has responded to the report by claiming that ratings with incentives violate their policies.

A spokesman was also quoted as saying Buzzfeed News: "If a product we identify as an Amazon Choice no longer meets our high bar standards, we remove the badge immediately.

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