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Someone put a huge Xbox Series X across Microsoft’s campus in Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Sim Xbox Series x

Image: Reddit

There is still no word about when Microsoft Flight Simulator will find its way to Microsoft’s next generation console. Of course, a fan took matters into their own hands.

User Oh_Gaz posted this adorable little addition on Reddit earlier this week on Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington campus. Instead of the normal campus building that should be Microsoft’s headquarters, there is a huge, monolithic black box – the Xbox Series X.

According to the user, the building is about 200 meters high and fits perfectly into the Redmond landscape. I also like the part where the front is modified with the Xbox logo (turned on, of course), and you can even see some of the I / O on the back, like the ethernet port.

It looks good at best, although the joke is real: when is Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming to the next generation Xbox consoles?

After spending a lot of time playing the game earlier this year, I’m not surprised that we still don’t know. The game still uses DirectX 11 on PC, so the CPU is horribly tied to the point where even the best GPUs can’t run the game at 4K / 60fps. There’s also the problem of controls – even on a PC with an Xbox controller, you’ll still need a keyboard for several key instruments, especially on larger airplanes.

Until that is sorted out, Redmonds Xbox of Doom is the next one we’ll hit Flight simulator on consoles. Unfortunately, the mod hasn’t been made public yet, so you won’t be able to add the next-gen Xbox to your own Flight simulator To travel.

But I wonder. Something that Oh_Gaz didn’t show in their video … can you land on the console? Those grooves at the top could be wide enough …

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