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Someone used Sony's PlayStation network to sell drugs

With online communities and the fronts of online stores that anyone can create without much to survey, some of these services seem to be abused. In a report from Motherboard, Sony's PlayStation Network appears to have recently been abused when it was discovered that someone had used the online game service to sell drugs.

The report mentions an FBI arrest warrant filed in October, forcing Sony to hand over information about a PS4 user who appeared to be part of a cocaine distribution network. The arrest warrant asked for information about which games the alleged drug dealer had played, and even after his progress. The FBI also managed to catch her suspect after a sting operation that allowed him to buy 1

00 grams of cocaine from the seller while communicating with them via the PSN via Audio Chat and Sony's integrated news service.

Sony To answer the problem or leave comments, it is difficult for Sony to monitor all users without harming privacy. It does not seem to be a commonplace problem, but it does show some of the creative ways in which criminals use apparently innocuous services to fake illegal products.

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