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Sony 65-inch 4K TV now $ 700 cheaper and includes $ 300 gift card

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  This Sony TV is perfect for watching holiday specials or archive photos of dirtbikes.
This Sony TV is perfect for watching holiday specials or photos of dirt bikes.

Picture: Sony

TL; DR: Buy this beautiful Sony X950G 65-inch LED 4K TV for $ 1,498 from Dell. In addition to saving $ 700, you will also receive a free Dell gift card worth $ 300. This is a great help if you need to do some holiday shopping this month.

You have a lot to do this Christmas. Your DVR is full of Christmas specials and you deserve a brand new TV to enjoy, but you also have to take care of your shopping list. What if you could afford a brand new TV that you can use to save presents for others? In this case, enjoy a small miracle with a beautiful Sony 4K TV, which is currently for sale and perfect for your watch party of The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show .

Lean back and watch it all on a Sony 65-inch LED 4K Smart TV, which is available at Dell for $ 1,498. The $ 700 rebate is similar to other retailers like Walmart. However, with a Dell $ 300 free gift card received in your email within 20 days of the TV's shipping date, Dell's business will be sweetened. That's $ 300 in free money that you can spend on other holiday deals for great gifts, from laptop computers to headphones.

Of course you need to buy a TV to get the free money, but the Sony X950G is worth it. This model from 2019 features a variety of LEDs that make the screen very bright when you really need it. This will give you greater color accuracy even if you do not have to mess around with custom settings. It also offers deep black and color contrasts that work well in dark spaces, and effortlessly handles fast movements thanks to lightning fast response times.

And, as with any good Smart TV, you can easily watch your favorite shows and broadcasts on any platform. Netflix calibration mode gives you the highest image quality for all Netflix originals. With the built-in Android TV it's easier than ever to find everything you can dream of. You can also connect to your Alexa or Google Home device. Every show deserves an experience, and the Sony X950G promises to deliver this and much more (including the free $ 300 gift card).

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