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Sony has killed PlayStation handhelds, but there is always hope for smartphones

We know with reasonable certainty that Sony is away from the handheld console. There are no further episodes for the Vita or the PSP. What can Sony learn about mobile gaming in the future?

Ironically, the news comes on the occasion of the celebration of Sony's 25th birthday PlayStation brand. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), said GameInformer during his retrospective that the Vita was brilliant in many ways " and the actual gaming experience is great, but it is clearly a business that we are not in this moment anymore. "Yes, we all knew, especially after the vita was canceled, that the possibility of another was not likely. Even I, a diehard Vita fanatic, did not hold my breath. But it's nice to hear that Sony recognizes that the Vita, although not a product of its time, was brilliant in its own way. I agree with what it's worth, and not just because I'm one of about a dozen bakers my CV still owns.

The Vita was indeed a decent handheld that played with some new ideas of what a handheld might do: for example, it was one of the first to connect to its larger counterpart and allow you to keep your AAA Play games on mobile devices. It just did not sell. The PSP did not fare badly in handheld sales ̵

1; the numbers could even be described as "good" if Nintendo had not kept the handheld console market under wraps at the time of release.

] While this may mean that we most likely no longer see any Sony gaming handhelds, I wonder if the company could invest in mobile gaming in the style of the Nintendo Switch – in other words, as a compliment to a television-bound terrestrial console. The switch has achieved this by installing the handheld in the TV console. On the other hand, Sony offers players the ability to link their games to their phones via the PS4 Remote Play App. It should read: "Do not try to beat Nintendo in the perfected game." In other words, the The next generation of Sony games needs a new trick if Sony really wants to try to conquer a mobile market. And maybe it wants to do that. John Kodera, now Deputy President of SIE, told Bloomberg in 2018 that the company was still interested in mobile devices: " In my opinion, it is not necessary to separate portable games from consoles, but to continue them as a method See more gaming experiences and discover what our customers expect from portable devices. "

The best way forward – and I can not believe I'm claiming that given my many issues with Google Stadia – could be cloud gaming. Emulating Nintendo will not work this time, although I'm sure the idea has come into the collective sense of Sony (a patent for a suspiciously switch-type device submitted by Sony has surfaced in 2017). But exactly this market Sony has still in the bag. The best option for mobile phones is therefore to transfer the games to the devices that we already have, such as: B. our phones and tablets.

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