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Sony unveils Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter game for PlayStation 5

In what is easily one of the worst kept secrets in the game, a new one Harry Potter Title, Hogwarts Legacyis on its way, but the really magical part of this wizarding story is that it appears on Sony’s PlayStation 5 first.

During Sony’s global livestream event on September 16, which unveiled the new PS5 tech in all its glitzy 4K glory, a new IP from rookie developers, Portkey Games, showed off the famous Great Hall that lasted until The edge was filled with students, a series of dazzling spells. and what we can only guess are some fan favorite characters from the world famous books and films.

As mentioned earlier, the muggle / gaming world knew it was going to collide with the magical world of Harry Potter for a while, with leaked images of a new one HP The game goes on next-gen consoles nearly two years ago, but it̵

7;s still a shock that Sony had the chance to show it off via Microsoft, which is just getting the release date and price of its new Xbox Series X consoles on the announced in early September.

If the console war hasn’t warmed up enough, Sony is already looking for the better option for exclusive products with the PS5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon soulsand the one ahead God of war 2 for starters.

Microsoft, on the other hand, suffered a severe blow when it was revealed Halo Infinite, the great exclusive Xbox Series X, would be delayed until 2021 and have the wonderful but not so enticing one Forza Games to compete with at launch. Score one hit so far for Sony.

Hogwarts Legacy

Portkey games

As for the HP game itself, Portkey Games was launched back in 2017 and announced that it was working on it Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the popular mobile game from Pokemon Go Creator Niantic. We have no idea how this game will differ from its mobile little brother, but we would expect that there will be a bit of noise and flicking involved at some point.

A short trailer showed the well-known Hogwarts Castle full of mystery, magic, and dangerous creatures, although we don’t really know what to expect from this game, both in terms of story and gameplay.

If we had to guess, it could be an RPG game where you build your own student to go through the wizarding education system and have an adventure similar to the famous Harry Potter. Taking lessons can improve your skill stats on certain spells, while defeating monstrosities may give you ingredients that can be used to improve your potions as you play.

Again, we have no idea when this takes place in the Harry Potter universe, or whether we will actually see the famous boy who lived in this game, but we have seen some characters that are terrible to those we know and love looked similar. like an old teacher who looks like an adorable Dumbledore and one who looks like Snape.

Notice that this game is not called “Harry Potter and the next generation console game“, but is Hogwarts LegacyWe therefore expect the game to move away from the popular franchise story and tell its own story. It would be studio folly not to include some well-known characters to immerse us in the world, but this is probably not the Harry Potter RPG we’ve dreamed of every two years.

Hogwarts Legacy

Portkey games

No release date yet, but now we know that the official release date for the PlayStation 5 is November 19th in the UKWe can expect Hogwarts Legacy to hit the console within a few months of its release.

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