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Sony’s $ 5,000 3D display isn’t for you (probably) – TechCrunch

Sony I just announced a $ 5,000 3D display, but it’s probably not for you. Known primarily for its consumer products, the company is targeting creatives with the Spatial Reality Display – especially those who work in areas such as computer graphics and visual effects for films. Basically, artists can view their 3D creations without having to wear a VR headset.

The company isn’t the first to bring this technology to a fairly niche audience. The mirror display is probably the best-known offer in the room so far. Unlike this giant 8K screen, however, Sony’s product is designed for a single user – specifically as a screen for their desktop PC. Plus, it looks like an Amazon Echo Show.

Credit: Sony

The big differentiator between the product and existing devices is the integration of a sensor that determines the viewing position of the user including vertical and horizontal access as well as the distance and crops the image to that specific angle within milliseconds.

Sony says it’s a “highly realistic, virtual environment”. It showed an earlier version of the technology at CES that year, using a rendering of the Ecto-1 from the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel, and planned to give the press a demo of the final version of the screen, but we all had to agree instead for conference calls due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, I can’t really talk about the effectiveness of 3D imaging at this point.

The company consulted with its Sony Pictures wing, who used the technology to develop CG effects for the aforementioned Ghostbusters movie. Volkswagen has also been involved since the start of the project, investigating the potential use of the technology in the brainstorming and design processes.

For everyone else, the display will go on sale through Sony next month.

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