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Sony’s PS5 and Samsung’s Hi-Def Curved Screen are a match made in Gamer Heaven

Sony waited for the anticipation to peak before launching its new PlayStation game console, the PS5. Of course, the exterior is being redesigned ̵

1; it’s bigger and more sculpturally dramatic than its predecessor – but of course the inside counts. For the new device, Sony is swapping the main storage hard drive of the PS4 for a solid-state drive (SSD), the data access speed of which is around 100 times faster.

Not only does the SSD contribute innovative computing, storage, and data compression technologies, but it also boosts the visual presentation to a bubble rate of 120 frames per second and introduces ray tracing – what gamers consider the holy grail of graphics technology. Basically, it’s a digital rendering technique used by feature films that simulates and tracks every ray of light – even from multiple sources – to create lifelike textures and stunning shadows. Until the PS5, no console had the power to run them. Add in a Tempest 3-D audio engine, and developers promise that games will not only be more immersive – with smarter AI, more dynamic graphics, and improved physics – but also unlock entirely new concepts in gameplay.

How good is it A teased clip from the game NBA 2K21 will tempt you to wipe the pitch after watching the sweat drip from star Zion Williamson. Sony expects the PS5, estimated to cost $ 499, to ship in time for the holidays. Mop not included.

Adjusting the curve

So you made the effort to get the latest and greatest gaming system. But is your display up to the challenge? The best 49-inch Odyssey G9 from Samsung ($ 1,700) is a leading provider of Quantum Light Emitting Diode (QLED) televisions that optimize color gamut and brightness. This is the largest such display on the market and it seamlessly enhances the widescreen experience of two 27-inch displays. And the dramatically curved shape of the screen corresponds to the arc of the human eye, which not only plunges you into the action, but also causes less visual stress. This is a much-needed perk if you’re battling hordes of zombies for hours (or days).

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