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Soon you can rent your own quantum computer from Amazon

AWS has taken a big step forward with the announcement of a new service that allows subscription-based quantum computers to be rented.

Of course, quantum computers are still a very expensive niche offer with a long running time. A good way to develop the technology further. However, customers who want to experiment with the power of the quantum computer need not refuse.

This is exactly what is possible with the new AWS Braket service that was unveiled at the re: Invent 2019 conference

Braket is described as a fully managed AWS service, used by scientists or developers of computers from major quantum hardware vendors including those that can be used by D-Wave (the first manufacturer of quantum computers), IonQ and Rigetti.

While a commercially viable quantum computer remains a dream and a series of major technical hurdles in the way, advances in industry are advancing The field of quantum engineering is rapidly opening up.

And while many companies now want quantum computing, customers with Braket can realistically get into this area and identify with it h The following quantum computers could be beneficial to the operation:

The Amazon Braket service offers customers one The only development environment in which they can use a developer toolkit to create quantum algorithms and test them on simulated quantum computers and various quantum hardware architectures.

Braket is now available as a preview. You can sign up here for the service.

Regarding the cost of the service, Amazon finds that prices vary depending on the hardware vendor you select and you only pay for the time you spend with the quantum computer. No concrete figures have yet been submitted, and Amazon indicates that public prices will be announced when the service is launched in its full form.

Help at Hand

Of course, quantum computing is a technically demanding field, and Amazon will do so as well, notes that help is available in the form of the Quantum Solutions Lab. The lab brings customers together with Amazon's quantum computer experts to find out how their business can benefit from the technology, and to collaborate on programs to identify and test quantum algorithms.

Amazon also announces the AWS Center for Quantum Computing (which will be based at Caltech). The idea is to combine the knowledge of the aforementioned Amazon experts with leading academic research organizations to drive the development of new quantum computing technologies and more powerful hardware.

Note that there are already competing cloud-based quantum computing efforts. including the Azure Quantum offering from Microsoft.

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