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Sophie Alcorn, Rebecca Lynn, MG Siegler and Garry Tan take part in the Early Stage SF – TechCrunch

One of the most valuable resources in the tech startup community is mentorship. Founders who tackle brand-new challenges and adapt to a rapidly changing world sometimes feel that nobody understands what they're going through.

But unfortunately the Early Stage SF event in April will definitely prove to be wrong. Early Stage will bring together experienced operators and experts on a variety of topics that fall under the broad areas of finance, marketing and operations.

How do you secure funding? How do you get your first yes? How do you identify the right investors? And the right lead investor? How do you negotiate a meaningful cap table for you and your team? How do you get from seed to Serie A? These are some of the questions our speakers will answer, and that is just the issue of funding.

We'll also hear from case law experts, tech stack experts, leadership trainers, brand design geniuses and growth hackers, and more!

Today we are pleased to announce four other leaders of the breakout session: Sophie Alcorn, Rebecca Lynn, MG Siegler and Garry Tan .

Each of these experts will lead 40-minute breakout sessions, including a short presentation, followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience.

How can immigration work for you ̵
1; Sophie Alcorn

Dealing with a difficult visa situation? Use Sophie Alcorn, the leading immigration expert in Silicon Valley, to solve the many problems that can affect early-stage startups.

How to Structure Your FinTech Startup – Rebecca Lynn

With the Dissolution of Banks Startups that are well structured can have great advantages in these markets. Learn about Canvas Ventures' approach to evaluating founding teams and how to equip companies to take advantage of fintech opportunities.

Time is not on your side. So timing be better. – MG Siegler

We live in an era of flooding apps and services. The problem for start-ups in the early phase is not the lack of good ideas, but the time that users need to try them out or even implement them in their lives. M. G. Siegler goes through some ideas and trends that could be interesting entry points for start-ups.

How to Avoid 1000 Landmines – Garry Tan

When you start your business, there are thousands of small, avoidable mistakes that can turn success into failure. Learn how to find your way in these situations and how you can maximize your chances of success with the key findings of Garry Tan, founder and managing partner of Initialized Capital.

Early Stage SF offers approximately 50 different breakout sessions for a variety of core competencies of the startup. The hope is that early founders can arrive with an empty notebook and leave with insights and information about how to meet the challenges of the future.

Obviously there is only so much time left for the day and that it would be impossible for a participant to attend every single breakout session. But no fear! Transcripts of every breakthrough are made available to the participants.

And one more thing!

Our speakers have agreed to spend part of the day at the trade show that participates in CrunchMatch. With CrunchMatch, founders, investors, etc. can enter information about who they want to meet with – for example, if a founder of a D2C startup wants to meet brand design experts and e-commerce VCs – and a time and place for a quick one Schedule meetings directly at the event.

Here is the fine print. Each of the over 50 breakout sessions is limited to approximately 100 participants. We are expecting a lot more participants, of course, so registrations for each session are subject to availability. Buy your ticket today and you can sign up for the outbreaks we're announcing today. Passport holders will also receive 24-hour advance notice before we announce the next batch. (And yes, you can “drop” a breakout session in favor of a new one if there's a schedule conflict.)

So get your TC Early Stage: San Francisco Pass today and get on your way The sessions that we announced today, as well as the sessions that will be announced in the coming weeks.

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