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Sous Vide Stove: The best brands and models for sale in 2019

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We recommend the following sous vide machines based on ratings and consumer popularity. We've also researched the features and specifications for each cooking device, so you can choose which Sous Vide is best for you.

If you are interested in buying a sous vide cooker, you are in the right place. We have listed the top sous vide machines and compared the best prices from online retailers.

You may first ask yourself what exactly a sous vide is and how does it work? Sous vide is a cooking method that prepares food in bags that are submerged in water kept at a controlled temperature. To use a sous vide machine, just fill a pot with water, set the desired temperature and time, and cook everything (meat, casserole, carrots) perfectly. You can achieve restaurant-quality food by cooking your food at the same temperature and not worrying about overcooking. Most Sous Vide devices also have a compatible app that allows you to retrieve the recipes and set the time and temperature on your phone.

In our list of Sous Vide devices you can find the best model, the best brand and the best price for you.

Anova culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Bluetooth and WLAN enabled

Connectivity: Bluetooth | Power: 800W | Dimensions: 1

4.8 "x 2.8"

Anova App included

1,000+ recipes to choose from

Easy to use

The best-selling Anova Sous Vide is probably the well-known Cooking machine with over 3,000 test reports on Amazon. To use the Anova, attach the tool to a pot filled with water, place your food in a zippered bag, attach it to the side of the pot, and set the time and temperature on the device or Anova app , With the app you can cook remotely, so you do not have to wait in the kitchen until your food is prepared. With the Anova App you can check the water temperature, turn off the sous vide machine and even send notification of your cooking status. You also have access to over 1,000 prescriptions as well as videos and instructions for each recommended meal.

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Connectivity: Bluetooth | Power: 1100W | Dimensions: 11 "x 1.9"

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