South Korea receives a world-class robotic museum – built by robots

  Previously, we explored the use of construction robots for everything from houses here on Earth to proposed space habitats for distant locations, including Mars and Moon. Here is one we have not seen before: The use of design robots to build a world-class robotic museum. You have to love the irony, right? </p>
<p>  The Robot Science Museum is to be built in Seoul, South Korea. The huge spherical building, more than 8000 square meters in size, is said to "support public education of robots and increase awareness of artificial intelligence," according to the local government. It is being built by Melike Altınışık Architects (MAA), the Turkish architecture firm, behind futuristic iconic buildings such as the 1[ads1],200 square meter Küçük Çamlıca TV Tower in Istanbul. </p>
<p>  "The MAA's design for the Robot Science Museum focuses on the development of an architectural language through the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and robotic construction methods," said Melike Altınışık, founder of MAA, to Digital Trends. "Robotics is constantly changing and evolving. It is no longer limited to the industrial or service sector. Today, a robot can build a house. One of the key elements that interests us is that robots play an increasingly important role in the design and construction of buildings. They can provide a more systematic and safer work environment. "</p>
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While the construction process is influenced by humans, much of the work will focus on robots. A team of robots is used to assemble the museum's curved metal facade. These include the forming, mounting, welding and polishing of outdoor metal panels. Another robot team will print 3D elements for the surrounding landscape in 3D. Finally, drones are used for building inspections to provide visual credentials to customers and to monitor on-site robotic vehicles.

It is not yet clear what exactly can be seen in the museum after the opening. However, if the scope of the construction project is a pioneering one, visitors should expect that there is a fairly definite and impressive collection of robots from all over field history.

"The new robot museum is expected to begin its first exhibition in May 2009 beginning of 2020 and is expected to finish in late 2022 [in]," said Altınışık. "After the opening, it functions as a branch of the Seoul Metropolitan Museum."

You better save for this holiday in Seoul. We hear that it is especially beautiful between March and May and again between September and November.

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