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Spotify is adding virtual event lists to its TechCrunch app

Spotify includes virtual events. The company today announced the addition of virtual event lists to the Spotify app, which will allow music fans to see when their favorite artists will be performing live – even if it’s only via a live stream. These offers will be available in the “On Tour” area of ​​the artist profiles and in the Spotify hub for concerts, according to the company.

TechCrunch previously detailed Spotify’s plans in this area, but today the company made the news official.

The streaming service says that artists can list their streaming events on any platform, including Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, a hosted website, or anything else.

Credit: Spotify

Other virtual events are automatically imported onto the platform thanks to Spotify’s existing partnerships with Songkick and Ticketmaster.

Virtual events uploaded via Songkick are now automatically displayed in both artist profiles and the Concert Hub. Artists can also set their own events as “Artist Pick”.

A selected number of Ticketmaster events are also listed on Spotify, according to the company.

Credit: Spotify

These new integrations are not surprising given that most major ticket services have focused on online and virtual events following the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes limited real-world gatherings such as concerts. At the same time, artists have tried to connect with fans online, often live streams or even paid live streaming concerts. However, today’s virtual concert business is only helping to make up for lost tour revenue for most, and not entirely replacing it.

“With most of the tours postponed to 2021 and online concerts resuming, Spotify aims to make it easier for fans to learn virtual events – be it for artists you already love or for those you are discovering for the first time,” the company said said in an announcement.

The feature is now available in the Concerts Hub under Search on desktop and Search on mobile devices, as well as in participating artist profiles.

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