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Spotify is working on a new karaoke mode to challenge Apple Music and TiDAL

Spotify subscribers who love to sing along to their favorite tracks and playlists could soon put their talents to the test thanks to a new mode for the music streaming app. According to the latest findings, Spotify is working on a new karaoke mode.

With its recent focus on exclusive podcasts, you’d think Spotify has turned away from the music streaming portion of its music streaming app. With nearly identical on-demand music libraries now available from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Prime Music, TiDAL, and others for a similar monthly fee, it’s understandable why. However, having a built-in karaoke feature would be an incredibly fun differentiator for the company.

Jane Manchun Wong, Internet investigator, found clues about the new mode while searching the code in the Spotify smartphone app. The screenshot that Wong discovered initially looks like Spotify is copying the real-time lyric option included with Apple Music, which animates and highlights every lyric in the song as it plays.

However, upon closer inspection, it̵

7;s possible to see a small switch in the lower left corner to adjust the volume of the vocals on the track. Unless Spotify hopes to attract subscribers by targeting those who have a penchant for instrumentals – this looks like a karaoke mode to us. Spotify has already confirmed plans to bring more lyrics to the app so subscribers can check out what their favorite artists are actually talking about.

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With this feature built into the app, it makes sense to turn the singer’s volume down and play the streaming music app.

With Spotify, smartphone owners can hopefully cast this feature to the big screen using a Chromecast or Apple TV to bring karaoke to your next house party. As always, it’s worth taking this report with a pinch of salt – and not just because Jane Manchun Wong used a song selection based on Rick-Rolled in her screenshot.

Multinational companies like Spotify often investigate new technologies, patent ideas and test functions in beta versions that are never rolled out worldwide. It’s possible that karaoke mode will never become an update to the app – something a Spotify NME spokesperson basically said.

When asked about the mysterious new feature, a Spotify spokesperson said, “At Spotify we routinely run a series of tests to improve our user experience. Some of these tests pave the way for a broader user experience and others are just important learning. “

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