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Spotify makes angry statements about Apple

Spotify has not indicated what aspect of Apple’s event sparked this response, although one piece of news stands out as a likely candidate. The Apple One bundle announced today sells Apple Arcade, TV +, iCloud access, and most importantly, music for $ 15 a month. This is a potential threat to Spotify, which also operates a music app on iOS.

For more than a year, Spotify has been making noise about Apple’s unchecked power over the App Store and filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission in March 201

9. Claiming Apple’s practice of generating 30 percent of an app’s revenue, Spotify says it is acting as a monopoly on iOS.

This reflects similar complaints from Microsoft and Epic Games, both of whom have condemned Apple’s anti-competitive practices over the past few months. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, has long been opposed to Apple, Google, and Valve’s 30 percent revenue cut. In August, Epic dramatically sued Apple, parodied the company’s iconic 1984 ad, and pushed for its own Fourteen days Get players behind the lawsuit. Epic and Apple have since been suing each other and undermining each other’s services.

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