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Spotify responds to Apple and calls it "monopolist"

The word struggle between Spotify and Apple continued today, with the former calling the second "monopolist" and his response to the lawsuit "completely in line with our expectations." Variety .

The statement is the latest in a very public dispute between the two companies. On Wednesday, Spotify filed a complaint with the European Union alleging that Apple is applying unfair practices on the App Store. In particular, Spotify is upset with the 30 percent that Apple charges subscribers to developers, stating that Apple Music gives the market an unfair advantage. To achieve the Apple price with its 30 percent reduction, the price can not match the Apple Music price and is subject to Apple's technical limitations. In addition, a website called Time to Play Fair was launched, where the lawsuits against Apple were described.

Apple pushed back Spotify's claims yesterday, saying Spotify "wants to take full advantage of a free app without being free." He has practically renounced that Apple's 30-percent reduction after one year to 1

5 percent back and only one A tiny fraction of subscribers logs on to the App Store.

In his latest statement, as seen by Variety Spotify said: "Any monopolist will claim that they have done nothing wrong and argue that they have the best interests of competitors and consumers in their hearts" and went on to repeat that Apple's policies hurt consumers. "This is evident in Apple's belief that Spotify's users on iOS are Apple customers rather than Spotify customers, which sums up the problem with Apple."

On Wednesday, the European Commission acknowledged Wall Street Journal that Spotify had received a complaint and was working to determine the next steps.

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