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Spotify wants to change the attitude of piracy in India with its Freemium model Technology News, Firstpost

Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming services, has been officially launched in India today. It is available on Android iOS as well as on the web platform .

The Freemium streaming service is available for free from today. In the case of Spotify, this means that while you can stream content for free, you have to endure non-tilt ads. The ability to skip a title you do not like is only available in the paid version ̵

1; free users can skip up to 6 titles per day.

If you do not like it, Spotify also offers a free, 30-day trial of the premium animal, which you can then pay for by selecting one of the following subscription packages:

  • One day: 13 Rs [19659008] Seven Days: 39 Rs
  • One Month: Rs 129
  • Three Months: Rs 389
  • Six Months: Rs 719
  • One Year: Rs 1,189
  In this illustration image from 18 February 2014 are Headphones in front of a logo of the online music streaming service Spotify to see. REUTERS / Christian Hartmann / File photo - D1BETHKCBRAA

Photo of the Spotify logo. Image: Reuters

The Spotify India team, consisting of Indian CEO Amarjit Batra, head of Indian marketing activities Akshat Harbola, and global product manager Owen Smith of Spotify, spoke at length in a conference call to officially announce the launch in India. For the sake of simplicity, quotes are attributed to the Spotify India team.

Spotify India is official

The launch of Spotify India has been speculated for some time. Initially, the launch was planned late last month. Then it was speculated that it would be delayed until mid-March. On the night of February 26, the App Spotify appeared in Android and iOS app stores.

India already has a variety of audio streaming services including Apple Music ] Google Play Music Amazon Music and local like JioSaavn and Gaana . Spotify enters a crowded market, so to speak. However, according to the Spotify India team, there is still a big gap in audio streaming. When asked who considered Spotify to be the main contest, the team did not name any of the existing players, but instead said that his main challenger was the pirate mentality and hopes to change that with his freemium offering.

Considering that Spotify did so If you arrive late at the party, she has taken numerous measures to ensure that the offer is in line with Indian tastes. For this purpose, Spotify India will have regional language catalogs, and the referral engine is already active for four Indian languages. India playlists will not only be based on genres, but given the love of films among the Indians, playlists are also following the actors in those films from day one.

  India-specific playlists on Spotify launch day

India playlists on Spotify launch day

Focus on Indian-flavored content localization

"In India, a service that deals only with musicians does not work. He needs musicians, movies, actors and music to have different decades of cinema, etc. The referral engine had to adapt to that, and we also have our own curators, who put together a variety of playlists to films and actors, "the team said as part of its differentiation efforts for India , 19659004] According to the Spotify India team, the company could have started earlier in India, but just plugging in the international version would be pointless. "We look at every market with a local perspective and are very focused on local content, we also look at consumer insight, then we go back and improve the product, and that takes time," the Spotify team said they partnered with many local content, independent artists and brand partnerships.

  Sound of Cities is an urban playlist that Spotify will curate for its Indian users

Sound of Cities is an urban playlist that Spotify will curate for its Indian users

Considering that many Indian users are still curious in 2G / 3G networks, how could Spotify scale the streaming when you're on a weak network?

"By default, Spotify streams stream to 96 Kbps for free users, so if you choose the Premium Plan, you can stream music at 320 Kbps, in cases where your network strength is not too strong Streaming at least 24 kbps, the team said

According to a Deloitte report, the music streaming industry will receive revenue of Rs 3,100 crore by 2020. Considering Spotify just last month's 200 million mark subscribers will also be hoping for tremendous growth opportunity in India as well, according to the team, it's still unpredictable how its premium offering is developing However, it still thinks there is enough for the subscribers.

  Spotify recently acquired Gimlet and Anchor.fm to reinforce its podcast efforts.

Spotify recently acquired Gimlet and Anchor.fm for his podcast effort strengthen it.

"The video OTT environment is growing here and people are ready to pay for high-quality content, which was not the case two years ago." The ecosystems have undergone a change, and we're seeing users do that as well The Freemium model of Spotify has worked in emerging markets overseas and we are confident that it will work here as well, "the team said.

Spotify would also seek to work closely with its partners to obtain live data-driven objects. These can be either concerts that are streamed live on the Internet, or experiences like Spotify on Stage. Nothing is specific yet, but the team said Spotify would also be open to partnering with music festivals in India.

Spotify India vs. Warner Music Group

The launch of Spotify India was not as smooth as expected. Just a day before the launch in India, there was news that the Warner Music Group had filed suit. The group to which artists such as Ed Sheeran Madonna Led Zeppelin belong, asked an Indian court to block Spotify streaming songs from artists on the group's list , Of course, some artists are not represented on the platform. Many content available on international playlists will be greyed out for Indian users.

"Spotify is a developing service and will work with labels to add more content to Indian users, we'll check the gaps and update those as needed," said the team. This was the standard answer to questions about local podcast plans for India, family plans for Indian users, integrations with Alexa or Google Home, and more.

Stiff competition in the audio streaming sector

The anticipation for the start of Spotify India was enormous. Now that it has finally been launched in India, it has established competitors. But since other streaming services already have a significant head start in India and some users have already invested in these streaming services with their playlists and music selection, can Spotify convert those users? Or is there a whole new market segment that Spotify has in mind? It's too early to think about it.

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As the first audio streaming service With a catalog of over 40 million songs and over billions of user-generated and algorithmically created playlists, Spotify's recommendation engine is certainly their USP. How fast it adapts to local flavors and regional content, it will stand out in the mass.

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