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Stadia adds hits like Hitman and Sekiro


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Google Stadiums The lineup will look much more robust in a few months. During the Stadia Connect announcement video released on YouTube on Tuesday, Google showed a handful of new titles on its Stadia gaming platform in the fall, including popular existing titles and new releases that will appear in Stadia on the same day they are released on consoles.

Existing titles coming to Stadia include Sekiro: Shadows die twice ̵

1; A difficult action game that was named Game of the Year in 2019 from many releases – and the acclaimed new Hitman trilogy – including the upcoming Hitman 3.

Stadia also announced timed exclusivity for some titles, such as a fascinating independent game called One Hand Clapping and the multiplayer-focused Super Bomberman R Online.

Google wants to position Stadia as an inexpensive alternative to expensive PCs and consoles. It makes sense that you fill out your lineup as far as possible before Christmas. Both Sony and Microsoft will launch new consoles this year, so Stadia could appeal to those who want to continue playing new games but don’t want to spend the money on new gaming hardware.

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You can buy games through Stadia and play them on your TV if you have a compatible streamer like Google Chromecast. You can also use the company’s subscription service called Stadia Pro if you want to try a number of games without paying for them individually.

During the video, Stadia also debuted with partnerships with the game companies Harmonix (known for rock band), Supermassive Games (known for Until Dawn) and the indie studio Uppercut Games. They also showed footage of Serious Sam 4, which will only be released on PC and Stadia at launch.

Stadia promises to help players play great titles that they otherwise have no access to. It didn’t have a great lineup at the start, so I’m glad that Google continues to add titles and strengthen the platform.

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