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Start / end times, date, research, movement and shiny black Charizard

Sometimes you want shinies just because you want shinies, and sometimes you want shinies because they’re deeply cool. Such is the case with the Shiny Black Charizard, one of the first hot tickets when Niantic first kicked off Community Day Pokemon GOwho are now performing repeatedly here in October. I actually missed this the first time due to a wedding and am looking forward to finally rounding off my collection with this stylish kite. Here̵

7;s what you need to know:

Start / end times: Charmander Community Day will take place on October 17, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. Although Niantic rolled back some of the other COVID-19 buffs and restrictions on prepandemic rates, it looks like it will stay here.

The Pokémon: What is there to say One of the original Kanto starters and one of the most recognizable Pokémon in the game on this side of Pikachu. I read once that Charmander’s design preceded the idea of ​​elemental types for Pokemon and that they later added the iconic flame on the tail when it was decided it was a fire type. I can’t find where to read this, but if anyone knows where to find a quote please let me know. Charmander evolves into the grumpy youthful Charmeleon and then into the wild Charizard.

Glittering: The real target here is the Black Charizard, but if you want one of these you have to get a shiny Charmander first. Look for some sort of pale gold color that, given the Black Charizard, isn’t exactly what you’d expect. It is believed to set in after puberty.

The movement: Every Charizard who developed during or up to two hours after Community Day knows Dragon Breath, a fast, dragon-type train. This should make it handy against dragon-types, as it can deal super-effective damage without being vulnerable to dragon-type damage.

This is a change from Charmander’s first Community Day, where the Charizard involved learned about Blast Burn.

Bonus: In addition to the standard incense bonuses, we have three times the stardust for catching Pokémon. This is always handy whether you’re at a low level or you’re trying to put together as many Battle League teams as possible.

Research: The research results available are called “A Tale of Tails”. We’ll see what’s inside when it goes live in New Zealand, but usually these things have similar steps that ask you to catch a few of the featured Pokémon and throw in a few evolutions.

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