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Steam mods filter off-topic review bombs based on ratings

One of the issues with rating content through user reviews is the possibility that some of these reviews may not be written in good faith. Recently, Rotten Tomatoes have taken new steps to deal with the effects of fake reviews submitted for Captain Marvel while Netflix responded to several cases of "review bombs" by completely abandoning the written reviews Service removed. Over the years, Steam has taken several different steps to solve the problem, but now the latest answer is a combination of automated scanner teams and moderators for human moderation.

A blog post explained the plan: "We go there to identify off-topic review bombs and remove them from the review score." In practice, there is a tool that monitors real-time reviews to "abnormal." "Recognizing activities that indicate that something is happening. It warns a team of moderators who can then review the reviews that are investigating, and when they find that there are a number of "off-topic reviews" they will alert the developer and remove those reviews The score of the game is calculated, although the ratings themselves are preserved.

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