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Steam Remote Play Together: setup guide and best games to try

If you have exhausted all of your board games, have seen all of Netflix's Tiger King and have no idea what else you need to do to pass the time in quarantine, it may be Time to start Start your gaming laptop or desktop PC and play some co-op games on Steam.

Steam is the most popular game client on PCs. The latest feature that was quietly released in November is called Remote Play Together. It allows users to play local multiplayer games over the Internet. One player transfers the game to another player's screen, and the two can enjoy couch-coop games without being in the same house.

Only one copy of a game is required for two or more people to use this feature. This means that your friends can play it when it comes to almost every supported multiplayer local game as long as you own it. And since the software is streamed from your hardware, it doesn't matter whether your friends have a laptop, a PC, or even a smartphone ̵

1; they can play the most graphically challenging games that your computer can process right next to you.

Here is a step-by-step guide to remote gaming together, as well as recommendations for a handful of great games that take advantage of this feature.

Setting up the Steam remote game

First, check the system specifications recommended by Valve. It is recommended that" at least one quad-core -Use the CPU for the computer running the game. "The client PC" should have a GPU that supports hardware accelerated H.264 decoding. "

Most modern machines meet these requirements. More importantly is that the person hosting the game should ideally rely on a wired Ethernet connection, but if you have a strong Wi-Fi network, you may have enough experience.

The next steps are fairly easy :

  1. Make sure you and your friend both have current Steam clients. The same version number is important. You can go to Steam and click Check for Steam Client Updates to make sure you have the latest version.

  2. Start playing the desired local multiplayer game. You can filter your game library (or the Steam Store page) to view games that support Remote Play Together.

  3. After starting the game, open your in-game steam overlay ( Shift + Tab ). Click on your friend's name and you'll see an option to invite them to Remote Play Together. Choose that and you're done!

Troubleshooting Tips

Remote Play Together is a new feature, so there may be some problems or errors. Here are some general solutions to troubleshooting basic problems.

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