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Step-by-step instructions and installation tips

In addition to the global version, PUBG Mobile has several versions including Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Korean, each published by different companies. PUBG Mobile KR is published by PUBG Corporation and is expressly available to players from the Korea / Japan regions.

The PUBG Mobile Korean version features several exclusive in-game events that offer players in-game cosmetics, but not the AG currency (Ace Gold). Instead, there are Donkatsu Medals that can be used to open boxes.

The game is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in Korea and Japan. You can also download it through the APK and OBB files or through the TapTap application. In this article we offer a detailed guide on how to download the game with the latter.

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How to download the Korean PUBG Mobile version from the TapTap Store: step-by-step guide and installation tips

Downloading the game from the TapTapstore is a simple task. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1

: First, download the TapTap app from the official website. You can also click here to visit the website.

Step 2: Search for PUBG Mobile using the search bar.

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