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Sternum raises $ 6.5 million Series A for its IoT security bet – TechCrunch

If we’ve learned anything from the mass production of cheap internet connected devices, security is an afterthought. Standard passwords are the norm and security loopholes are not fixed, leaving entire fleets of smart devices vulnerable to attack.

However, an Israeli security startup is taking a different approach to protecting the vulnerable Internet of Things Equipment.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Sternum offers an embedded integrity checking technology called EIV that is used to verify that the app has been maliciously modified in any way. The technology detects code weaknesses to prevent attacks before they are exploited. The advanced detection system (ADS) enables the detection of threats in real time so that companies can react to attacks in real time.


7;s a novel idea when there’s no other way to secure a vulnerable device.

At the beginning of this year, Sternum first found a solution to a new wave of security vulnerabilities that affected millions of Internet of Things devices. The vulnerabilities known as Ripple20 allow hackers to hijack hundreds of millions of potentially affected devices.

“Patching vulnerabilities is an endless game,” said Natali Tshuva, founder and CEO of Sternum, to TechCrunch.

“Unlike many other solutions, we don’t focus on fixing every vulnerability on a device. We only focus on the exploitation phase, or the point at which the hacker exploits a vulnerability to carry out an attack, ”she said.

Tshuva’s roots lie in security research, where she discovered several previously undiscovered vulnerabilities in Linux, Android, and other embedded systems.

“I realized that properly securing these devices posed real technological and market challenges,” she told TechCrunch. “I wanted to leverage my cybersecurity, research, product, and management skills from talented research and development teams to create innovative solutions that truly solve the problem end to end.”

It’s a bet that pays off.

The company announced its Series A round worth $ 6.5 million, the company said on Tuesday. The round was led by Square Peg with the participation of Merle Hinrich and the European venture company BTOV.

Philippe Schwartz, Partner at Square Peg, who chaired the round, said he was “impressed with Sternum’s innovative products and its diverse team whose technologies will provide our connected future with uncompromising security protection and deep data-driven insights.”

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