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Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson meet again to discuss “The Office”, the pandemic and the quarantine beards

Call everyone office Fans: Steve Carell is finally on Instagram! Well, something like that.

On Thursday afternoon, Carell met his buddy and former costar Rainn Wilson on Instagram for a special finale to “Hey There, Human,” the daily Instagram Live series that Wilson was commissioned by SoulPancake, a media and entertainment company he co-founded. Moderated in 2009, this focuses on content that spreads positivity.

Wilson launched “Hey There, Human” in March in hopes of connecting and elevating people during quarantine. For the past seven months, he̵

7;s spoken to celebrity friends and special guests like Billie Eilish, Nick Offerman, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Penn Badgley on a variety of topics including mental health, pandemic, and more.

Now, 77 episodes and 230 guests later, Wilson ended the series in style by reuniting with his former TV boss without Instagram.

Wilson and Carell combined everything from their quarantine beards to their old jobs as waiters. Carell spoke about the importance of showing kindness and empathy for others during the pandemic, and reminded viewers to hope for the future. And, Naturallythe two talked about it The office.

Wilson started The office Part of the conversation by asking Carell how he feels about the show getting a second life years after it went off the air.

“How was that for you, that kind of weird office Obsession Renaissance going on? “asked Wilson.

Carell said the experience was wild for him.

“I don’t know if you feel the same, but the people who watch the show definitely know the show better than we do,” Carell began. “Maybe we saw it once when we all got together and watched episodes. That was most of my observation of the show. So I don’t know all the details and when people point to lines and parts … some of them don’t me don’t ring at all. ”

“It’s great that it caught on because we all felt it was special when we did it,” he continued.

After talking about how streaming contributed to the show’s recent success, Wilson shared something he loves The office today.

“It’s great that it caught on because we all felt it was special when we did it.”

“One thing that has been really enjoyable for me is that during this really dark time I heard from so many people that they really appreciated it The office there – that it has a warmth and humanity, a kind of family feeling that makes it special, “he said.” And that has helped them during this time and even helped their sanity. “

Though Carell recognized it The office is not for everyone, he praised the healing powers of comedy.

“If you find something that makes you laugh, it’s therapeutic. It just goes like that. And I’ve said before – when something really makes me laugh, there is no better feeling in my book than pure joy, something funny to find.” Carell said.

Ultimately, he described the overwhelming amount of fan love for comedy in the workplace as gratifying.

“We should all be proud of that,” said Carell. The two pals quickly discussed a far-fetched one office Goodbye and exchanged a hearty “I love you” before saying goodbye.

If you want to catch up on “Hey There, Human” episodes you’ve missed – including Wilson’s chats with fellow ex-ones office Stars like John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer – check out SoulPancake’s Instagram page.

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