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Stylish iPhone 5 and 5S cases and covers


If you’re still the proud owner of a 4-inch iPhone, there are plenty of sleek protective cases to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something that fits Apple’s chic flagship design, protects it from accidents, or shows your personality, we̵

7;ve put together this summary of the best iPhone 5 cases for you (all of them go with the iPhone 5S as well). Choose from unbreakable iPhone cases, beautiful iPhone cases and retro iPhone cases – there’s something for everyone.

For owners of the older iPhone SE, we also have a full summary of the iPhone SE (2016) cases that you can use for older 4-inch phones like the 5 and 5S (unfortunately not for the 5C). If your phone gets too old-fashioned for your taste, consider upgrading to a new iPhone. Apple recently launched the new iPhone SE (2020), which continues the tradition of the iPhone 5 to pack its flagship performance into a smaller case.

Spidercase full body protective cover

Spidercase full body protective cover iPhone 5

If you want to use your phone in harsh climates or extreme sports, wrap it in full body armor. The Spidercase protects your phone from underwater activities like photos and videos or outdoor sports like surfing, fishing, skiing, swimming, climbing, drifting, cycling, hiking, camping or snorkeling, not to mention the rough streets of the city’s subway. The housing is IP68 certified and waterproof. The company claims that it was tested up to 5 m under water for one hour and up to 10 m under water for half an hour. It is also shockproof and exceeds the military standard 810G-516. It protects your phone from falls of up to 2 meters. The built-in screen protector prevents scratches without affecting the sensitivity.

Zagg InvisibleShield HDX screen protector

ZAGG InvisibleShield HD iPhone 5 case

You really don’t want a case at all, do you? However, if you want to protect your phone and are not sure whether you should get one or not, you can easily take the Zagg InvisibleShield HDX screen protector. The Zagg lets the beauty of your phone shine through with the security that comes with military and nano memory technology. You get a shock absorbing layer for your screen and three times more break protection than the glass alone. HD clarity ensures that you see your screen as bright and colorful as it actually is.

Incipio LGND for iPhone 5

Incipio LGND case for iPhone 5

If you’re looking for a super nifty, sleek, black look that exudes class, check out the Insipio LGND case. It is made of mixed materials and features a polycarbonate frame, a microsuede lining and a vegan leather closure for additional protection on the go. It is easy to install and remove. A structured control panel can be customized for multiple display modes.

iLuv Pulse Case

iLuv Pulse Case

When was the last time you almost had a heart attack when you couldn’t find your elegant, cool, black iPhone in your handbag or backpack? This will never happen again with the iLuv Pulse Case. This colorful case sticks out from under your belongings, and you will never leave it on the table or confuse someone with your phone. A handy, strongly colored TPU body with a contrasting housing and frame protects and dazzles and is never lost. It is available in color combinations of black, blue, yellow and pink.

Incipio stashback case

Incipio Stashback iPhone 5 case

This robust housing is hard on the outside and flexible on the inside. It consists of a rigid plextonium frame with a soft silicone core. It also has a secret in the form of a clever folding compartment where credit cards, cash or ID cards can be hidden. There are also cutouts for your phone’s ports, camera, and power switch, as well as tactile key covers for volume and power.

Bacon CandyShell Grip Case

Bacon CandyShell Grip Case iPhone 5

A striking look, a protective design – what more do you want from a suitcase? The CandyShell combines a shock-absorbing layer on the inside to protect against bumps with a robust polycarbonate outer shell. There are also ribs to create a color contrast pattern and improve grip on iPhone. The button covers work well, the cutouts are precise and you get all-round protection. You can buy this case in different color combinations.


Spigen Tough Armor case

Spigen Tough Armor Case

If you are really concerned about dropping your iPhone 5s, Spigen is for you. The corners have air pockets to cushion falls. The downside is that this case is chunky, with large square button covers, and some people have had issues with the headphone jack. The cutouts are precise and there is one on the back that shows the Apple logo. There are six colors to choose from.

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case

We can all use a bit more power when we’re on the go, and this battery compartment offers up to nine hours of extra talk time for your iPhone 5 or 5s. Considering that it contains a 2500 mAh battery, it manages to add minimal bulk, and it has a surprisingly slim design. There is an inner protective cover that you can easily slide in and out of the main battery case. You get a black and a contrasting color option so you can make your choice. The battery compartment also has an LED indicator for charging and a power cord that you can also sync with without having to remove the case. This is a well designed kit.

Marware FlipVue

Marware FlipVue case for iPhone 5Here is a real leather wallet that can be opened from below with a magnetic clasp to keep it securely closed. The interior is lined with soft microfiber to avoid scratches, and there’s a pocket for storing credit cards or ID cards. Even when the case is turned on, you still have full access to the ports and controls. There is even a cut-out for the camera and flash on the back.

Acase iPhone 5s case

Acase Superleggera Pro Dual Layer iPhone 5s case

The Acase is a fairly slim offering with a layer of shock-absorbing silicone and a polycarbonate cover with a non-slip rubber coating. It has silicone pads to protect your connections and cutouts for the camera and controls. It comes in a variety of colors.

Griffin KaZoo case for iPhone 5

Griffin KaZoo case for iPhone 5

Whether you donated money for an iPhone 5 for your child or just love cartoon owls, Griffin’s KaZoo case could seduce you. This simple, soft silicone case offers full access to controls, connections and the display. Why don’t you wrap your iPhone in a cute owl?

Case-Mate barely there case for iPhone 5

Case-Mate barely there case for iPhone 5

This slim case combines a hard outer case with a silicone liner to cushion your device. It offers you basic protection without additional bulk. It’s a classic, minimalist design with a comfortable soft-touch finish. It comes in a wide range of matte colors with a subtle logo.

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