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Super Mario Bros or Apple stock?

Do you want to hear something disgusting? A vintage copy of Super Mario Bros. on the NES has just been auctioned for $ 114,000.

Granted, it’s one of the most influential games ever (it introduces Mario to the world) and the specific specimen was rated 9.4, which means it is in near perfect condition. Oh, and there’s a weird technique on a cardboard hanger that makes it super rare. But still … $ 114,000?

This made me think – how good of an investment it would have been to buy a copy of it Super Mario Bros. and leave it in a safe place for about 20 years? Well, I̵

7;ll find out.

After some thought, I decided that the best I can compare it to is Apple stock. Cupertino has been a darling of investors for years. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns $ 91.3 billion and accounts for 43% of its portfolio.

Let’s find out which investment would have been better.

I couldn’t find a specific US release date, but Super Mario Bros. was launched on in Japan September 13, 1985 – So I’m going to use that date.

After some digging, I found the rough price range of NES games from a printed edition of Electronic Games Monthly::

NES games Super Mario Bros cost when released

Now as Super Mario Bros. was a flagship title, let’s just assume that it was one of the most expensive games on the NES. That said, it would have had retail costs of $ 49.99.

Next? Well, we have to find out how much Apple stock cost on September 13, 1985. What I did:

Apple Stock 1985 Super Mario Bros.

It closed $ 0.281250 that day, which means that $ 49.99 would leave us 177.74 Apple shares.

Not that bad.

In terms of data, the $ 114,000 copy of Super Mario Bros. sold on July 10, 2020. At the close of trading on the same day, a single Apple share was worth $ 383.679993.

This means that your 177.74 Apple shares were worth it $ 68,196.14 last Friday. Uff.

Yes, the new copy of Super Mario Bros. actual value $ 45,803.86 more than all those sweet, tasty stocks.

But don’t tear up your investment portfolio yet (I know how close you were) as this is a minor mistake for two reasons: first, the rarity of this particular copy of the game, and second, stock splits.

Let’s look at the rarity first.

A little rummage in price charting shows that even an unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. usually only applies to average, $ 298.26.

Super Mario Bros new price list