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Superstrata opens pre-orders for a pair of 3D printed bikes – TechCrunch

There’s one thing I can’t stop thinking about every time I look at the Superstrata: how quickly the thing is stolen. This isn’t a blow to the bike itself – in fact, it’s probably a point for him. If anything, it’s probably just another in a long list of signs that I’ve lived in New York for too long.

The Superstrata Ion is a $ 4,000 bike. But it’s not some $ 4,000 bike (I probably wouldn’t write about it if it were). The unibody bike not only looks good, but is also 3D printed from a single piece of carbon fiber material. The approach enables the company to essentially deliver an individual bike to the rider̵

7;s body. And despite the seemingly high price, the Ion is still cheaper than most traditional carbon bikes, which can cost up to $ 12,000.

Two models are offered under the Superstrata brand. There’s the electric Ion and Terra mentioned above, a standard bike for $ 2,800. Neither is a reality. Both are offered through Alabaster / Misfit founder Sonny Vu ​​as pre-orders for Indiegogo (the campaign has already funded five times its original goal of $ 100,000) – a household name for everyone involved in the consumer electronics field in recent years have followed.

The benefits of a 3D printed bike should be pretty clear. As the company notes, it is able to design the system to be suitable for people from 4’7 to 7’4 (it is believed that this is not an exact window and more of a fun piece of symmetry if you understand the point). In total, the bicycle manufacturers take 18 different measurements to create the unibody frame. This design gives the bike’s frame an extra level of strength, which is due to the fact that it weighs just under three pounds (for the non-electric model). Superstrata informed TechCrunch that this would result in more than 250,000 unique combinations. As soon as the bike is printed, a person finishes it.

Superstrata is not just a new bike startup. There is a new brand under Arevo, the Startup in additive manufacturing in Bay Area. Superstrata is designed to demonstrate Arevo’s foray into manufacturing as a service and additive manufacturing of composites. Vu told TechCrunch.

To achieve this expanded focus, Arevo is building a print farm in Vietnam with a number of its systems, said Vu.

“The idea is not to just print something and say,” Look what we can do, “Vu said in an interview recently.” Let’s get the whole product out of the name, the colors, the brand, the font, the industrial design and user experience – the whole, B to C (Business to Consumer). “

Vu believes that future customers will be excited as soon as they understand and can see for themselves how quickly Superstrata was created. The entire process, from the drawing board to the production prototype, took about two months, Vu said. Much of this time has been spent designing the printing processes that allow for so many adjustments between bikes.

Vu also strives to make Superstrata a high quality product that can stand on its own, and the company relied heavily on bike experts and designers to develop both products. One of the most interesting – and possibly even the most controversial – design decisions is the lack of a seat tube.

“Yes, there is a bit of show boating with this design that I have to admit,” said Vu. “This is also proof of our strength, because of course we could use a seat tube. The key point is that we can do it all out of carbon fiber and carry enormous amounts of weight.”

An important note is that these two motorcycles have been adjusted. This is not a closed system in which the owner has to hold onto the handlebars and the wheels. The bikes can use other bikes and components. Superstrata has made this flexible as the company has assumed that most hardcore cyclists will strip it down to the body or fork anyway.

There is another temporary one Head. The price for both motorcycles has been reduced for early adopters through the crowdfunding campaign. The product is expected to be delivered in December.

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