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Surprise Facebook bans lock Oculus Quest 2 users from their devices

The Oculus Quest 2 is a $ 479 VR headset that requires an active Facebook account to run. If your Facebook account gets banned or banned for any reason, your Oculus Quest 2 becomes little more than a fancy, useless paperweight. As Reddit users have reported, Facebook’s ban hammer swings mercilessly for some users as personal account bans completely exclude them from the entire Oculus Quest system.

According to Reddit user Weavster, this issue occurred after they created a new Facebook account (without using the platform first) and merged it with their Oculus account. For unclear reasons, this resulted in a belated ban just 10 minutes after it was set up. Facebook responded to the user’s complaint with: “We have already checked this decision and it cannot be reversed.”

; Without an active Facebook account, the user could no longer use their Oculus Quest 2.

The ban on Facebook accounts for unclear reasons has become a major problem in the introduction of the device. At Reddit, users are currently organizing to identify legitimate unfair bans and seek a solution from Facebook or Oculus. The majority of claims are that Facebook banned them from creating a “fake account” despite using their real-world personal information. However, users in Japan also report delays in their Facebook registration.

The Oculus team has now opened support for the problem and reached out to Twitter to identify the problem:

Oculus Support describes only a “small” number of customers who face these issues. However, the problem is widespread enough to warrant multiple online views. The requirement to use a Facebook account to access the system is also currently being investigated. A US House of Representatives subcommittee describes the practice as “anti-competitive”.

At the time of writing, Oculus appears to be aware of the situation and is working to address it. If you are currently having trouble linking your Facebook account to your Oculus Quest 2 device, the best way to connect is to Oculus Support on Twitter for a solution.

Gizmodo Australia reached out to Facebook to determine if this situation is currently being investigated and if a solution is in preparation.

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