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T-Mobile promises that 5G will not cost more than current data rates

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray has made it to a point in an interview with PC Mag to underline the company's recent promise that it will not raise prices for at least three years if It comes to a colossal merger with Sprint approved by the regulators and allowed to proceed. CEO John Legere, who will lead the combined company, made this pledge in a letter to FCC chairman Ajit Pai earlier this month. Ray directly confirmed that Legere's comments also apply to 5G data plans.

T-Mobile will continue to offer unlimited data for 5G, Ray said, as soon as the operator's network is operating on devices that can take advantage of the increased speeds and reduced latencies of 5G. The company's current open-ended T-Mobile One plan starts at $ 70 including taxes and other fees. Probably 5G will also start there, if T-Mobile remains true to the words of Legere. The upgraded T-Mobile One Plus plan (with HD streaming and LTE hotspot speeds) starts at $ 85 / month. This is another possibility.

Earlier this week, T-Mobile has set expectations for when consumers can expect the 5G network to be seriously commissioned: it will be sometime in the second half of 201

9. "We can do things in the first half" Ray told PC Mag . "We will have equipment and we will have a network. But how is the material? I do not believe that anything will become AT & T or Verizon material until the timeframe we publish is meaningful. Ray suggested that all airlines still iron out the tricks in their underlying 5G infrastructure.

Sprint has already announced a more specific window for launching its own 5G network: it will be powered on this May in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Kansas City before expanding to Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Washington DC – all in the first half of this year, the company claims.

It will be a while before all major US airlines reach nationwide 5G coverage. At this time, T-Mobile is already in three years without price increases. The carrier has announced that it will "cover" the land with 5G by the end of 2020.

Samsung has already acknowledged that the Galaxy S10 5G is coming to both carriers after its exclusivity window with Verizon. LG also has a 5G phone – the V50 ThinQ – but Ray said that T-Mobile does not decide whether it will carry this device.

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