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T-Mobile will eliminate the Sprint brand this summer

T-Mobile and Sprint are preparing for the next step in the merger of their mobile phone companies. The two brands are reportedly planning to merge their customers and retail stores under a single T-Mobile banner this summer Violent wireless. In other words, the end of the sprint is near.

The immediate changes are largely close to the surface: the Sprint brand will be dropped in favor of T-Mobile in terms of shop fronts and invoices. Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile, promised that existing Sprint customers can continue to maintain their current plans and (at least for the time being) will not be forced to switch to any of T-Mobile̵

7;s plans. New customers are expected to be instructed to sign up for T-Mobile plans instead of sprint plans as soon as the changes are made to consolidate the customer base.

There is no exact date for the changeover – just some time later this summer. “With COVID-19, we moved it to midsummer instead of early summer. In this case, we will essentially advertise a flagship postpaid brand from T-Mobile and operate a uniform retail fleet. For this reason, we have only slowed down a bit in retail, ”said Sievert at an investor event earlier this week.

Sprint customers with compatible phones can already be on the move in T-Mobile networks if they do not have Sprint coverage. However, this is far from the ultimate goal of making the two networks into a single entity used by the combined customer base of the two separate carriers previously. T-Mobile and Sprint have already announced that the transition is expected to take three years.

We are already seeing some of the gross stains that can also appear as part of this process. The two brands have started to combine their 5G networks and switch the sprint network and bandwidth to the T-Mobile network. This is at the expense of most of Sprint’s current 5G customers, as almost all of Sprint’s existing 5G phones cannot use the new T-Mobile network.

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