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T-Mobile will start running out of the Sprint brand this summer

Following the merger with Sprint, T-Mobile is aiming to unify its brand and will end sprint branding this summer, said Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile, at an investor event earlier this week (via Violent wireless).

Retail stores will be branded T-Mobile with Sprint’s name removed, and Sprint branding will also be removed from things like customer invoices.

Sievert said that T-Mobile has always striven for a summer period to exit sprint branding and standardize the new T-Mobile. In midsummer, the company plans to “advertise a flagship for postpaid T”. Mobile brand and operation of a uniform fleet of retail stores. “

Existing Sprint customers can keep their current plans and do not have to switch to T-Mobile’s plans. However, new customers will likely have to sign up for T-Mobile plans rather than Sprint plans because the Sprint brand will be used by them, the new combined company.

T-Mobile has not announced a specific date for the changeover, only later in the summer. T-Mobile originally planned to start implementing the changes in early summer, but postponed them due to the global health crisis.

How The edge points out that T-Mobile and Sprint still have a long way to go to fully combine their networks and that some problems have already arisen. Sprint and T-Mobile have started to combine their 5G networks. Unfortunately, existing Sprint customers with 5G smartphones cannot use them in the new T-Mobile network.

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