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T-Mobile's 5G plans start at $ 15 a month

You want to sign up for a 5G plan? Given that new technologies tend to be expensive, we are sure that some fear that 5G could cost much more than 4G plans. It turns out that this is not necessarily the case. T-Mobile recently announced plans to launch 5G prepaid plans, which cost just $ 15 per month.

To give you an idea, the cheapest 4G plan from T-Mobile is twice as expensive The carrier will make its 5G plans even cheaper. However, it appears that these plans will be starred and that this will depend heavily on the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.

According to John Legere, CEO of the airline, we definitely have a stake in the kind of company that will be the turbocharged un-carrier, and in the way we radically better this 5G network in Do the deeds to do well for this country ̵

1; good for consumers, good for competition and good for innovation! Only the transformative 5G network of the new T-Mobile will FINALLY have the capacity and reach to embark on the courageous steps announced today to eradicate inequalities that have a huge impact on our society.

T-Mobile and The Sprint Merger has recently been approved by the FCC, but it still needs to be officially finalized. So far, however, it seems he is well on the way to becoming official. So it's only a matter of time.

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