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TalkTalk has just (again) lowered prices for fiber optic broadband deals before Black Friday

Three weeks have passed since Black Friday, but the best fiberglass deals are already coming back.

And TalkTalk has just announced its latest offer to beat the Black Friday fiberglass broadband competition. For just £ 21.95 per month, the provider offers super-fast, unlimited broadband usage with an average download speed of 38 MB.

TalkTalk not only guarantees the inclusiveness of the line rental, but also no price increases during the entire 18-month contract – a rare sight for broadband offerings. That means you know that your next year and a half of fiber optic internet will be offered at the same low price.

And if you're looking for an even faster fiberglass broadband solution, TalkTalk also offers the Superfast Fiber Broadband offering. That's less than £ 25 / pm.

Below we have described and explained in detail the two Black Friday glass fiber broadband offers from TalkTalk.

And if you are not looking for a fiber optic broadband or want to watch TV for information about broadband, see our best guide to broadband.

The Low-Cost Fiber Optic Broadband Deals on TalkTalk:

TalkTalk Faster Fiber Broadband | 18 months | Average speed 38Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £ 21.95pm
TalkTalk's latest price cut is perfect for anyone who wants to use fiber optic broadband without compromising on price. In addition, it does not guarantee a price increase and setup fee of £ 0 throughout the contract. These two functions are becoming increasingly difficult to find in broadband deals today.

TalkTalk Faster Fiber Speed ​​Boast Broadband | 18 months | Average speed 67Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £ 24.45pm
This is the ideal package for a busy household or streaming fans (the speed we recommend for all 4K TV streaming requirements). The average download speed of 67MB is quite high, and associated with this is your line rental and only 18 months instead of the 24 month contracts that BT Broadband currently offers.
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