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Tarform Reveals Luna E-Moto for People Who Don’t Like Motorcycles – TechCrunch

Brooklyn-based EV startup Taform unveiled its Luna electric motorcycle in New York last week – a model designed for an audience that may not like motorcycles.

Tarform’s first licensed street entrant, the Luna, starts at $ 24,000, goes 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, has a range of 120 miles, a top speed of 120 mph, and a charge of 80 % in 50 minutes – according to company information.

The model was born out of the company’s mission to combine aesthetic design and craftsmanship with ecological sustainability in two-wheeled electric vehicles.

To this end, the Luna has a number of unique eco-design features. The body consists of a flaxseed fabric and all motorcycle technology avoids the use of plastics. The seat upholstery of the Luna is made of biodegradable vegan leather. Tarform is also testing methods to avoid paints and primers on its motorcycles, and instead uses a monomaterial that is mixed with metal pigments based on algae and iron.

The company was founded by the Swede Taras Kravtchouk ̵

1; an industrial design specialist, former startup leader and passionate motorcyclist. The launch of Luna follows the debut of two concept e-motos in 2018.

Photo credit: Jake Bright

In Tarform’s target market, he explained the startup’s hopes of attracting those who may be put off by the very things that got people to ride motorcycles over the past 50 years – namely gasoline, chrome, noise, and fumes.

“It’s more for people who want a custom bike and the tech freaks: people who wanted a motorcycle but didn’t want to be associated with the entire stigmatized motorcycle lifestyle,” Kravtchouk told TechCrunch.

Tarform enters the EV arena with competition from several e-moto startups – and from OEMs – trying to convert gas drivers to electric and attract a younger generation to motorcycling.

One of the leading companies is the Californian company Zero Motorcycles with 200 dealers worldwide. Zero unveiled a $ 19,000 SR / F in 2019 with a range of 161 miles in the city, a one hour charge, and a top speed of 124 mph. Italy’s Energica is expanding sales of its high-performance e-motos in the USA

In 2020, Harley Davidson became the first of the major gas manufacturers to offer a street-legal electric motorcycle for sale in the US, the $ 29,000 LiveWire.

Canadian startup Damon Motors unveiled its $ 24,000 Speed ​​Hypersport this year, which features proprietary safety and ergonomics technology for adjustable driving positions and blind spot detection.

Kravtchouk explained how Tarform intends to compete with these electric motorcycle players that this is not the company’s priority. “We’re not even close to Zero or the other big boys in production, but that’s not our intention. Think about that [Luna] as a customer-specific production bike, ”he said.

“We didn’t want to build a bike that was the fastest or had the longest range,” added Kravtchouk. “We have set ourselves the goal of building a bicycle that will revise the manufacture and supply chain of e-motorcycles in such a way that we source our materials ethically and create an ethical supply chain.”

For this mission, Tarform has received funding from several family offices and angel investors, including M13 from LA. The Brooklyn-based e-motorcycle company is taking pre-orders for its new Luna and is pursuing a Series A financing round for 2021, according to CEO Taras Kravtchouk.

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