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Target pauses plans for food pickup during COVID 19 outbreak – TechCrunch

Target stops planning to pick up food and alcohol at the roadside, citing the COVID-19 outbreak as a key factor in its decision to delay launch. Although foodstuffs via Order Pickup and Drive Up are valuable services at a time when people are being asked to distance themselves from others to prevent the spread of the novel corona virus, Target has no time to get the staff right in these new processes to train now.

Like many retailers and grocers, Target is affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, which is changing the way people shop. People tend to buy in bulk to minimize trips to the store. And many panic buy critical supplies like toilet paper. According to Target, both traffic and sales have increased sustainably, especially for food and beverages and other important household items such as cleaning agents and baby products. Other categories, including clothing and accessories, have slowed down.

The introduction of a new system or process takes time to get used to, even if there is enough time to train. But Target's employees are now working at a higher level ̵

1; sales in March are 20% higher than in March last year.

Like everywhere, Target is faced with staffing problems as people try to figure out childcare in schools. Employee schedules need to be reevaluated on the fly because employees leave unexpectedly when they or a family member falls ill. There were also a small number of cases where Target employees tested positive for the virus themselves. And if the outbreak spreads, it will likely be more affected by constant contact with the public.

To address these concerns, Target regularly cleans its businesses, promotes social detachment, wipes carts, adds signage to guide guests, and cleans checklanes after every transaction and more. In-store returns are also stopped for three weeks, but later returns will be considered if the ban is lifted. And given the chaos in his business today, the small-format store openings and conversions planned for this year will be interrupted.

To help employees, Target announced that more than $ 300 million in additional wages will be invested in new paid vacation programs, bonus payments, and contributions to the relief fund.

Although Target is not currently introducing roadside fresh food pickup, it continues to operate the Shipt grocery store. This and other grocery delivery services are booming due to the outbreak. Instacart announced this week that 300,000 additional full-service customers have been recruited due to corona virus. Walmart, CVS, Amazon and other U.S. employers are hiring more than 800,000 new employees due to the impact of COVID-19.

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