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Taylor Swift Meme honors all of the last great American dynasties

It’s been a week since Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album. folkloreand fans are still flocking to the 16 new tracks online.

While people meticulously disassemble the lyrics and smile when they hear Swift drop the F bomb, the album inspires more and more memes. The latest comic folklore meme is based on track 3 entitled “The Last Great American Dynasty”.

The track is said to be inspired by Rebekah West Harkness, a composer, arts sponsor, philanthropist and celebrity who died in 1982. Swift bought Harkness’ old mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, called “Holiday House”

; as the two are connected.

Anyway, in the song Swift sings the lyrics: “And they said / There goes the last great American dynasty / Who knows if it never appeared what could have been.” Although the lyrics refer to Harkness and her second husband, fans have realized that this can apply to so many other famous film and television dynasties, such as the Gilmore family from Gilmore Girls, the Roy family Succession, the Rose family Schitt’s Creek, and more.

But the meme doesn’t just apply to people. It can also be used to honor all the good things that are now gone, such as the original Motorola Razr, blockbuster stores, or the recently fallen Taco Bell menu items.

As you create your own perfect version of the LGAD meme, please enjoy some of our favorites so far.

With everybody folklore Listen, let’s honor America’s many great dynasties.

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