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Teach yourself for less than $ 30

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  Six courses are included.
Six courses are included.

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TL; DR: Get the coding training you've been looking for with The Ultimate 2020 Web Designer and Developer Bundle for $ 29, a savings of 97%.

The year 2019 taught us a lot. We have learned that an egg can be more Insta-famous than Kylie Jenner. We finally found out who would be sitting on the Iron Throne. We even saw a black hole for the first time.

But the past year has also taught us that coding for a career is still so lucrative, especially as we enter the next decade. As the saying goes, there is no time like the present to invest in your career and learn the industry's most popular programming languages.

The Ultimate 2020 package for web designers and developers (now available for $ 29) is designed to help you get started in your programming career, even if you're a beginner. The bundle is divided into six main courses dealing with web development, front-end development, WordPress and Python. After completing the 99 hours of training, you'll know how to build a responsive website from scratch.

To give you a glimpse into the content, the following courses are described:

The Ultimate Web Designer and Developer Course: Create 23 Projects.

Developed for Your Crash This web design and development course is about creating and encoding landing pages, learning basic design tools in Photoshop, and creating a customer address book with MySQL. You'll even get hands-on tutorials and tips to help you start a new career as a programmer.

How to Become a Programmer

So you get programming that's a lucrative career. However, you are not sure why programming languages ​​exist at all. For people who have no idea about the history of the subject, it is worthwhile to complete this 65-part course, which breaks down common programming concepts into small, bible-sized lessons that anyone can understand.

Bootstrap to WordPress

Use your practical knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP in the bootstrap framework, which can be used to convert static websites into functional WordPress websites and topics. For laymen, this means that you can code your way to a custom website with just 12 hours of training.

Boot Camp for Front-End Developers

The basics of front-end Web development are easier to master than you think. With the help of the front-end developer bootcamp (consisting of 133 digestible lectures) you can soon create projects using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Your portfolio is nearing a serious upgrade.

Learn Python 3 from beginner to advanced

Due to its versatility as a programming language and its relatively easy-to-learn syntax, Python is considered one of the best entry-level programming tools. Keeping track of a big technology company on your next step in your career will use the languages ​​of Netflix, Dropbox, Reddit, Google, and Facebook. Learn how to create Python code and how to write programs using real-world applications in this eight-hour course.

Becoming a web developer: Learn the basics and basics of Ruby.

Another good springboard for beginners is Ruby (the programming language of AirBnB, Twitter and Etsy) to learn simpler programming languages. In this course, you will learn step by step how to learn Ruby basics by engaging in practical web projects.

If you're ready to start, take advantage of this sale and sign up for just $ 29 for training.

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