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Teen iPhone Ownership hits an all-time high in the long-term survey

The iPhone is still the most popular smartphone among US teenagers, a title it has held for many years. This emerges from new data that the investment company Piper Sandler has collected for its latest six-monthly survey among teenagers in the USA. [19659002] 85 percent of teenagers surveyed have an “iPhone” and 88 percent expect an “iPhone” to be their next phone. Both are new record highs of all time, but it should be noted that most of these respondents come from families with higher incomes. Last year, 83 percent of teenagers surveyed had an “iPhone” and 86 percent planned to buy it.

8 percent of teenagers said they bought an Android, compared to 1

0 percent in the survey a year ago.

Youth interest in the ‌iPhone‌ has been strong since the beginning of these surveys, but has grown steadily every year. In 2020, Apple is expected to launch 5G iPhones and a new, cheaper option, “iPhone‌ SE”, which could lead to a further increase in the number of iPhone adoptions among teenagers.

This year's survey also looked at the AirPods. Fifty-two percent of teenagers said they own a number of AirPods, and of those who don't have AirPods, 18 percent plan to buy them within a year.

Teen customers are important to Apple because brand loyalty will inspire them to continue buying products in the Apple ecosystem for years to come.

Piper Sandler's Teen Inventory survey asked 5,200 teenagers with an average age of 16.2 years and a median household income of $ 65,600 about their buying habits and brand preferences. Piper Jaffray merged with Sandler O & # 39; Neill earlier this year, hence the new name, but this poll has been running since 2001.

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