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Telstra’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S plans offer good value

As part of Telstra’s exclusive partnership with Microsoft, the telecommunications company is now accepting pre-orders for the Xbox Series and Xbox Series S as part of Xbox All Access. Telstra is almost certainly the last place you think of when looking to pre-order a new console, but Big T’s offerings are surprisingly good value for money.

If you haven’t heard of Xbox All Access before, it’s pretty easy to do. Instead of buying your console out-of-the-box, you can bundle your new Xbox on your existing Telstra mobile or broadband plan. As with a new phone, you pay it out over 24 monthly installments.

A Game Pass Ultimate subscription is also part of Xbox All Access.

An Xbox Series S gets you back $ 33 per month at Telstra, while an Xbox Series X is slightly more expensive at $ 46 per month. If you̵

7;re already paying (or interested in) Game Pass Ultimate, Telstra’s Xbox All Access is a solid deal. You can check out these plans here.

A Game Pass Ultimate subscription will typically cost you $ 15.95 per month, which will cost you $ 382.20 over two years.

Your two-year commitment to Telstra would earn you $ 792 for an Xbox Series S or $ 1,104 for an Xbox Series X over the life of a plan. The effective price for an Xbox Series S is $ 409.20 and the Xbox Series X is $ 721.20.

For comparison, the total prices for the consoles are $ 499 and $ 749, respectively. You’ll save nearly $ 90 on an Xbox Series S. While the Series X isn’t as great a discount as the S, you’ll still save about $ 30.

When your 24 months are up, you’ll only pay $ 15.95 per month – the cost of your Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

And while you cash out your new Xbox over 24 months, you can always leave early by cashing out the remaining value of your console.

There’s one catch to keep in mind: if you subscribe to Xbox All Access through Telstra, you can’t just pause your Game Pass Ultimate subscription to save some cash. You’ll have to pay the full $ 33 or $ 46 every month as long as you cash out your Xbox.

If you are interested in Xbox All Access, you must understand that you must already have a Telstra postpaid cellular, tablet, mobile broadband, or broadband program in order to get an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X. Being able to pre-order Big T You can’t pre-order a new Xbox if you’re on Telstra Prepaid (or have a small business plan).

Pre-order your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X via Telstra here.

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