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"Terminator: Dark Fate" did not need an exploding plane

The latest Terminator film Dark Fate seeks to give satisfying emotional arcs to its large number of characters. Author Sara Lynn Michener says it will not help if much of the film is wasted on a bombing action plane aboard an exploding freighter.

male directors who are really excited about trying to surpass what was done before, but making it bigger and better and more Michael Bay-ish, "says Michener in episode 386 of the podcast Geek's Guide to the Galaxy . Are we really going to do it in 2019? It's very annoying. "

David Barr Kirtley, host of Geek's Guide to the Galaxy agrees that the freighter sequence was silly, and stands in sharp contrast to the sense of realism that exists in the best installments of the franchise, The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day .

"In my opinion, the power of this is based Films on juxtaposing those creepy robots of the future with this absolutely believable everyday reality. "He says," And if you turn it into evil robots of the future, it just will not work. There is no contrast anymore. "

Over-the-top action scenes are not only conspicuous but also expensive, and scriptwriter Rafael Jordan warns that unnecessarily inflated budgets pose unrealistic expectations for science-fiction movies." The last three [Terminator] installments were all around 400 million US dollars. Based on revenue on the first weekend, this is just right, "he says." There were a slew of films ̵

1; the most recent Star Trek movies Alita Tron: Legacy – which will bring in $ 400 million and failures, and this will only be another of them – Hollywood must find a way to earn $ 400 million again. "

Dark Fate is Hollywood's third attempt to continue the story of Terminator 2 2003 film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and the 2008 TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles The science fiction author Anthony Ha says the slimmed-down TV version may well surpass its big household rivals in terms of storytelling.

"Obviously, much of the intellectual property goes to television," he says. "So, if Terminator (19459003 ) z would come back – and I'm not necessarily convinced – it could come back as a TV show. "(19659002) Listen to the full interview with Sara Lynn to Michener, Rafael Jordan and Anthony Ha in Episode 386 of Geek & # 39; s Guide to the Galaxy (above). Take a look at some highlights from the following discussion.

Sara Lynn Michener on James Cameron:

"James Cameron has this really enchanting idea of ​​feminism, and his only real problem is that he has not really updated it since the '90s. I mean, when I saw Alita: Battle Angel it felt like a wonderful movie that came out in 1995 – aside from the effects. … But he has this strong female obsession, and I think that, unfortunately, there is some sort of strong female obsession, which is ultimately this commercialized thing, where Megan Fox happens to know how to fix motorcycles, and it always is this super-sexualized idea of ​​a strong woman, and James Cameron's women were not really that. And that impressed me a lot. I loved The Abyss I loved Aliens I loved Terminator movies. So it was a very significant part of my education.

Rafael Jordan on screenwriting:

Recalibrated, it's an extreme onslaught. There's never enough time, and that's the unfortunate thing, because the moment they call you, they say, "Hey, we're finally shining, and we need the script right away to secure the loan and the funding for it in a week? "And you say," What? No. I mean, I can give you some in a week but will you guarantee that I have time to fix the problem and fix it? "And sometimes you get that time, sometimes you do not put it on. … But believe me, these writers pull out their hair and sometimes confiscate themselves in hotel rooms for six to eight weeks if they get that luxury. But they definitely try to do better, it's always a tough fight for quality.

Anthony Ha on Rev-9:

including Dark Fate – has found a way to surpass the T-1000. I feel like this came pretty close to the platonic ideal of a Terminator villain . But this is an interesting variation, and the graphics are very impressive in my opinion. It certainly provides some interesting action scenes, since you basically have two different terminators with a brain after [people]. I wish they had done a little more to explore the power of the Rev-9. … As if [the two forms] had complementary powers, the soft version is really good at sneaking into different situations, but the skeleton is there for brute forces. Something that makes it seem more distinctive.

David Barr Kirtley on Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"The movie somehow got lost when they met Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, he's great, but I've already seen him as a good terminator in three other films. It's done, I hate the cheesy humor, and I feel like it's focusing too much on it, rather than developing the relationships between the other characters. … When I saw the trailers in which Arnold Schwarzenegger would be, I assumed it would be a cameo – that they go into the cabin and meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and tell them everything he tells them, and then move on. I did not think he would join the cast. And I think that probably all the positives of his inclusion in this movie could have been incorporated into a cameo.

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