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Tesla Closes Retail Store Towards Online Sales Strategy – TechCrunch

Tesla is reversing all its sales online, dramatically shifting its sales strategy, which will lead to shop closures and some layoffs as the automaker seeks ways to cut costs to create a more affordable model 3

Tesla boss Elon Musk did not say how many stores would close. He noted that some stores would remain and become information centers and showrooms. The company did not give exact figures on how many retailers could be affected.

"We will close some stores and which will be some ] reduction in head count as [1

9659004] a result; t Here no question about that, "said Musk. There is no other way for us to to to achieve the required savings [19599004] to this [19659004] Auto and was financially sustainable. I wish there was another ut unfortunately, it will force reduction in Lead Retail Page, no Route around around.

Moving to online only sales plus other cost efficiencies allowed the company to lower all vehicle prices by an average of about 6% and eventually offer $ 35,000 for the Model 3.

Meanwhile, Tesla plans to hire more service technicians or mechanics, Musk noted in a call with reporters on Thursday. Tesla has not specified how many mechanics should be hired.

To lessen the need for a test drive, Tesla extends the vehicles guidelines . New customers will be able to a car for a week and driver for 1,000 [1965900] Miles and return it anyway for a full refund if they do not like it, Musk said.

"Therefore why we become to admit essentially ] 19659004] the car for free for a week, and for for ] full refund, "said Musk. "And w e [sic] becomes from to so that it becomes super easy to 19659004] receive refund one click refund. "

Tesla announced Thursday that it offers a $ 35,000 version of the Model 3, which will have a range of 220 miles, reaching a top speed of 130 miles per hour.

The company also said that it introduces a Model 3 Standard Range Plus version that has a range of 240 miles, a top speed of 140 mph and an acceleration of 0-60 mph of 5.3 seconds as well offers the most first-class interiors at $ 37,000 before incentives

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