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Tesla is NOT developing a smartwatch with partners

September 14, 2020 by Johnna Crider

Update: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, says these rumors are not true. Tesla does not develop any watch.

There have been reports of a new Tesla smartwatch, and now a new graphic has emerged. Idahoreporter states that Tesla will partner with Huami to create the watch. Huami Technology founder and CEO Huang Wang also shared the news through his Weibo account, stating that the product̵

7;s official release will be on September 15th. I just want to know two things: How can I buy one and does it come in purple?

Tesla isn’t the only partnership with Huami. The smartwatch and other wearable device brand, Amazefit, has also partnered with Xpeng and Amazon.

Gizmodo Australia reported last month that Tesla was also named in a filing to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by Xplora Technologies, a Norwegian company that develops smartwatches for children. The filing relates to an application for an FCC device approval. The motion stated that these are “necessary acts to be performed by Shenzhen Balun Technology Co., Ltd.” in connection with the application and have the same effect as the actions of Tesla Motors, Inc. ”

Sanghyo Kim from XPlORA Technologies submitted the application. The letter to the FCC also stated that the design of the smartwatch is a “base form for future technological products” and that Tesla “believes that this information is advantageous for competitors”.

Gizmodo Australia mentioned that it wasn’t clear why Tesla was involved in developing the XPLORA XP5. However, many Tesla owners and backers can agree that since many use their phones frequently to unlock their cars, the next step is wearable technology that makes it at least as easy to do in case you haven’t turned your phone on.

With that in mind, there is a special type of jewelry made by an innovative Tesla owner – the Tesla Ring. It is a handmade, waterproof ring specially made for the 3 and Y models. The ring is made of wood and does not need to be charged – unlike a smartwatch or your phone. Which would you choose – a smartwatch or a ring? (Or both?)

Tesla’s habit of revolutionizing the industry

One of the most remarkable things about Tesla is that when the company sees a problem, even if it’s outside of its normal production and expertise, it finds a way to solve the problem. This has resulted in Tesla designing and manufacturing many home products, including seats. Will it venture into a real smartwatch development?

To solve a problem, one must first think of solutions that might work. Along with many effective and competitive solutions in the world of automobiles and solar energy, Tesla has developed batteries for both and established itself as one of the most advanced technology companies in the world. Tesla has bought a large robotics company and battery cell manufacturing company in the past few years to work on this matter. There is speculation that Tesla could get into the mining industry as well. (Note: In 2017, Kurt Kelty, former Senior Director of Battery Tech, pointed out that if Tesla moved towards its own mining company, it would do it for nickel – not cobalt or lithium.)

Let’s not forget the insurance industry either. By setting up its own auto insurance, Tesla can offer its customers what is closest to any personal insurance policy available on the market. “We’re building a great, big insurance company. If you are interested in building a revolutionary insurance company, please join Tesla. Especially when you want to change something. This is the place. We want revolutionary actuaries. ” Elon Musk said during Tesla’s earnings call for the second quarter of 2020.

Automotive, energy, insurance, mining and now smartwatches? Well, we’re going to look at the latter two, but Tesla is clearly very closely associated with its partners in these industries, even if it’s not (yet) vertically integrated into those matters.

Those who still consider Tesla to be an automaker are either blind or deliberately refusing to look closely at the present to see how the future will be created. Maybe it’s time for the critics to face the music and enjoy it too!

What do you think? Will Tesla soon have its own smartwatch on the market? How much will it be involved in developing this?

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