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Tesla Proposes Dirt-busting Lasers to Clean Grime Off Windshields

Tesla's latest unveiled cybertruck looks very much toward the future, it's possible that Tesla's latest patent has been dreamed up

Published recently by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the document makes use of dirt-busting lasers to keep car windows clean.

The device for detecting and using small windows located near the vehicle to detect dirt and grime on the windshield, as well as the side and back windows.

Notably, the technology would regulate the power of the beam to avoid damaging the glass , or, more importantly, the occupants inside. Stubborn pigeon poop would require a much more severe and prolonged blast of the beam.

"The cleaning apparatus provides a fast, robust, and chemical-free solution

Tesla's document includes diagrams, one of which shows the laser placed on a vehicle's hood, fender, and B pillars.

The patent's author suggests that the proposed technology could also be used to clean solar panels. Grime on a solar panel can affect its efficiency, as described in automatic cleaning process as the one described in the patent.

windshields and solar panels, preparations for cleaning the glass and waiting for it to dry up.

Another recently published patent from Tesla has described a liquid-filled heated and cooled seat for its cars.

We should point out that automakers file lots of patents for all kinds of ideas , many of which never make it off the drawing board. In this case, Tesla has the technology and desire to make its gunk-busting laser idea a reality.

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