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Tesla raises prices for its cars and returns the plan to close deals

Tesla has reversed its move to closing stores, the company said in a blog post. To keep these stores open, the company plans to raise prices for Tesla vehicles worldwide by 3 percent on March 18, with the exception of the $ 35,000 model 3, which retains the same price.

The more expensive model 3s, the model S and model X will all increase in price. The decision to keep more stores open was made after a two-week evaluation of "every single Tesla store," according to the blog post. Around ten percent of Tesla stores were closed recently, according to the blog post. "These are shops that we would have closed anyway," said the post office.

The company had previously announced on February 28 that it would shut its doors and switch to pure online sales. By selling all sales online, Tesla would be able to lower the price of its cars by 6 percent. That way, the company could eventually sell the $ 35,000 Model 3, Tesla said. The blog post did not specifically state why the company reversed the course to close physical locations. However, it has been said that all will also be online in stores – and sellers will show customers how to order Teslas on their mobile phones. For those who want to buy a Tesla immediately, "a small number of cars" will be available.

"Over the past two weeks, we've been scrutinizing every single Tesla retail location and decided to do more business open than previously announced as we continue to evaluate it over several months," the blog post said. Some previously closed stores are reopening, but with fewer employees. Another 20 percent of Tesla locations are being audited. "Depending on their effectiveness in the next few months, some will be closed and some will remain open."

Tesla spokeswoman Emily Findlay said the company has no comment behind the blog post.

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