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Tesla shows a prototype of a ventilator made from parts of Model 3

Many companies around the world are helping to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Some companies use their manufacturing and manufacturing facilities to develop medical devices used by hospitals, and it looks like Tesla is preparing to take part in the battle as well.

The engineers look like this in a video recently published on YouTube. At Tesla, a prototype of a ventilator was put together, in which it is built from the reused Model 3 and other components and parts of electric cars. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, had previously said the company would start producing ventilators if needed, and it looks like the company is already working on it.

Some of the components used by Tesla include the Model 3 infotainment system, which powers the vehicle's computer, which in turn controls the airflow manifold. There is also a suspension air tank that is used as an oxygen mixing chamber, and the Model 3 touch screen is also used as a ventilator control.

As previously mentioned, other companies are already contributing, such as Ford, which will work with other companies such as GE and 3M to manufacture ventilators and respirators. GM has also announced that they will use their manufacturing facilities to manufacture up to 50,000 face masks a day that are used by frontliners.

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