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Tesla uses technology to mitigate the impact of California's power outage

More electric cars are allowed in California than in any other state in the country. Drivers who refrain from gasoline had to recharge their car as fast as possible when the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG & E) announced a cut to power 800,000 customers in 34 counties to prevent forest fires. Tesla warned customers in places affected by the power outage to immediately plug in their car while it was still possible.

Without technology, the failure could have devastated the vast fleet of Tesla vehicles in California. The company's innovative wireless software update system helped save the day. Owners who live in or near no-load counties, according to the Autoblog, saw a message on their car's touchscreen informing them of the impending situation. "We recommend 100% charging your Tesla today to make sure your drive is not interrupted," he said.

The failure has shut down some of the company's supercharger stations and many gas stations, because the pumps are powered. Tesla's infotainment system usually displays the live status of each compressor, allowing owners to tap the screen multiple times to verify that the next public charger is online rather than wasting their range.

PG & Es announcement seems to have taken Tesla by surprise Therefore, the company is introducing solutions to ensure that charging stations are online, even in the event of future outage. Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of the company, wrote on his personal Twitter account that every compressor in the counties without electricity will receive a power pack, which is essentially a large emergency battery, and the company's solar modules coming soon weeks. The company is waiting for the necessary approvals before starting the installation campaign.

Tesla owners, who have followed the manufacturer's advice and have fully charged their batteries, are likely to continue despite the failure. The Model S, the Model X and the Model 3 have a relatively long range, so they can drive a few days without recharging, if they are driven economically. For the time being, PG & E was planning to turn the electricity back on until the middle of Thursday, October 10, although it asked its customers to prepare for a longer downtime due to the strength of the wind (sporadic gusts could reach 100 km / h ) and the enormous latticework of the required power lines was due to inspect before the network was given a clean health certificate.

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