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Tesla's Cybertruck is a dark look into our climate future

Elon Musks Cybertruck is visionary.

The "brutal, angular beast" as our friends in Jalopnik called it was an ingenious moment for Tesla fans and Blade Runner -spired design lovers. Alleged evidence shows that an electric car is up to an aggressive speed demon that could distract Priuses from the road.

But look deeper and the true vision that Cybertruck advocates is a complete dystopia. Musk himself tweeted before it became known that it was a personal "armored passenger transporter from the future". Although the cybertruck is only operated electrically, it is exactly what is needed to combat the climate crisis. Apart from the failure of the bulletproof glass, the truck is made for a hot, violent future of belongings. I suppose that's intentional.

The design of the Cybertruck may look cool ( for some of us ), but it also strongly relies on the notion that not only personal transportation is a necessity, but also this mighty honking truck are the best way to get around. As Gizmodo has argued (or, as you know, whoever you ask), we must ban cars to combat climate change. More cars on the road lead to more congestion, resulting in more emissions and building more roads ( which keeps the cycle going ).

Just as self-driving cars are not exactly a blast for the climate this also applies to electric cars (or cyber-pressure). It's great that cyber-pressure is an electrical plug-in, but most of the US power grid is still powered by polluting fossil fuels, not to mention countries with a dirtier infrastructure. Yes, these sources are easier to regulate, but they still exist for the time being. And they will continue until 2021, when the cybertruck will go into production .

These fossil fuels and their survival may provide the greatest insight into cyber-pressure design. The world has warmed by 1 degree Celsius since the Industrial Revolution. This has led to climate damage worldwide. And, according to a recent report, world leaders are pledging to reduce future damage while planning to win one tonne of fossil fuels in the coming decades.

Musk has called climate change is the "greatest threat to humanity in this century". And because of his honor, he has done a lot of work to at least try to mitigate it. But he also pointed out that "

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