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Tesla’s seven day return policy has been tacitly revoked

Tesla has reportedly lifted a bold return policy that allows new buyers of its electric vehicles to return them for a full refund within seven days. The news reported on Friday from Electrekmarks an end to one of CEO Elon Musk’s more eye-catching marketing strategies.

Musk took advantage of the seven-day return policy to boast Tesla’s high customer satisfaction rate. The company is so confident that new buyers will be happy with their purchase that they wouldn’t want Tesla, which is virtually unheard of in the standard auto industry. The guideline also reinforced the idea that Tesla cars are like consumer electronics products. You can order and customize them online and have them delivered to your doorstep like an Amazon package and then return them if you̵

7;re not satisfied.

Electrek does not give a specific reason Tesla removed the policy, just reports that it was removed at some point yesterday and any mention is now being removed from the company’s website. Electrek reports that new buyers wishing to return a Tesla vehicle must now go through the customer service department, and it is unclear what situations may require a full or even partial refund after purchase.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Earlier this month Electrek reported that Tesla had closed its PR department, which made press inquiries difficult as there is no longer a dedicated person to handle such inquiries.

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