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Thanks to Black Friday, the Nintendo Switch had its best selling week ever in the US

Black Friday was a ray of hope for Nintendo this year. Today, the company announced that Thanksgiving Holiday Week was the biggest selling week for the Nintendo Switch in the US ever. According to Nintendo, the company sold 830,000 units between November 24 and 30, including both the original switch and the recently introduced Switch Lite. Sales were not only boosted by new hardware and games such as Pokémon Sword and Shield (which have sold 3 million copies since launching in the Americas) but also through Black Friday Offers, including a console console bundled with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe .

Overall, the switch has sold 1

7.5 million units in the US alone. Already in October, Nintendo announced that the device was sold more than 41 million copies worldwide. It was within reach of the legendary SNES, which sold 49 million consoles over its lifetime. With the early success of the Switch Lite – a smaller, lower-priced version of the device – and the upcoming holiday season, it's likely that the switch could surpass the SNES by the end of the year. American President Doug Bowser said The Verge that sales of the Switch Lite did not explode the original switch. "It has not only increased sales for the entire family, but above all, without negatively impacting our flagship system," he said. "In other words, sales with Nintendo Switch Lite have had a positive impact on the entire switch business."

Nintendo has today announced a partnership with Tencent, which will be launched in China on December 10th.

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